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Jozeff Modelski, Poland
IEEE Region 8 2009-10 Director
Rui Cruz, Portugal
IEEE Portugal Section Chairman
Carlos Salema, Portugal
Founder of Instituto de Telecomunicações and Conftele

João Costa Freire, Portugal
Instituto Superior Técnico

José Carlos Pedro, Portugal
Aveiro University

IEEE Region 8
Marian P. Kazmierkowski, Poland

Beatriz Borges, Portugal
Instituto Superior Técnico

Custódio Peixeiro, Portugal
Instituto Superior Técnico

Pedro Santos, Portugal
Instituto de Telecomunicações

Pedro Silva, Portugal
Instituto de Telecomunicações


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Conference at a Glance

Conference information and Technical Program Plan

    List of authors by paper ID

April 27

9h00-10h30 We-A1 - Opening Session
(Anf. GA)
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9h00 Welcome Address by Organization Committee and Institutions
General Chair: João Costa Freire
IST: António Cruz Serra
IT: Carlos Salema
IEEE Region 8 Director: Marko Delimar
IEEE Portugal Section: Rui Cruz
Telecommunication and Multimedia Systems Circuits and Systems
9h30-10h00 Keynote Speakers' Presentation - I
José Salcedo, MULTIWAVE
Engineering Management Power Systems and Renewable Resources
Information Technologies and Inteligent Systems Education
10h00-11h30 Keynote Speakers' Presentation - II
Mário Campolargo, DG-INFSO
10h50- 12h30 We-B1 - Telecommunication Services and Applications
(Anf. GA)

(Chair: Prof. Francisco Cercas)

We-B2 - Engineering Management
(Room 02.3)

(Chair: Prof. António Carvalho Fernandes)

We-B3 - Computer Networks (Room 02.2)

(Chair: Prof. Hugo Miranda)

We-B4 - Signal and Image Processing I
(Room 02.1)

(Chair: Prof. Pedro Guedes Oliveira)

10h50 189. The use of conference articles as learning objects. Implementation in TAEE and EDUCON conferences 574. Prognostics-based Health Management for Telecom Equipment under Free Air Cooling 166. Performance Comparison of CQ Selection Policies 277. Perceptually Driven Coefficients Pruning and Quantization for the H.264/AVC Standard
11h10 192. A Secure Wireless Point of Sale System 274. Invisible Technology - Organisational Factor 281. An Efficient Algorithm to Create a Loop Free Backup Routing Table 300. A Real Time HDTV Motion Estimation Architecture for the New MPDS Algorithm
11h30 391. Quality Model for Monitoring QoE in VoIP Services 312. An Integrated Model for the Environmental Impact Assessment of Highways in China 529. Ant Colony Optimization Routing Mechanisms with Bandwidth Sensing 379. Stereo Image Coding using Dynamic Template-Matching Prediction
11h50 449. Mobile Location-Based Voice over Internet Protocol Group Call Service 399. Solar Energy for Soil Conditioning 552. Simulating Connection Dropouts in Peer-to-Peer Environments 384. Enhanced H.264/AVC Video Streaming using Network-adaptive Multiple Description Coding
12h10 418. ArQoS®: System to monitor QoS/QoE in VoIP 435. AIR: Technology Innovation for Future Spacecraft Onboard Computing Systems 445. Optimizing Software Development Process 549. Computational Complexity Reduction Methods for Multiscale Recurrent Pattern Algorithms
13h50-15h30 We-C1 - Next Generation Networks I
(Anf. GA)

(Chair: Prof. António Teixeira)

We-C2 - Multimedia Technologies and
Applications I
(Room 01.1)

(Chair: Prof. Sérgio Faria)

We-C3 - Information Systems (Room 02.2)

(Chair: Prof. Fernando Amílcar Cardoso)

We-C4 - Signal and Image Processing II
(Room 02.1)

(Chair: Prof. Pedro Guedes Oliveira)

13h50 114. A Comparative Study on Cost-benefit Analysis of Fiber-to-the-Home Telecommunications Systems in Europe 4. Reversible Visible Watermarking for H.264/AVC Encoded Video 338. Long-term Security of Digital Information - Assessment through Risk Management and Enterprise Architecture 496. Non-cyclic Deconvolution Using an Augmented Lagrangian Method
14h10 265. Estimating the Energy Consumption in Survivable Optical Transport Networks 75. Vision Based Surveillance System 225. Order Dependent Feature Selection In Concatenative Sound Synthesis Using Analytical Hierarchy Process 408. Method for Segmentation of Cardiac Signals based on Four Parameter Sine Fitting
14h30 428. Planning a Urban Radio over Fibre Network 467. Enhanced Slicing for Robust Video Transmission 188. Complexity of Credential Processing 177. Efficient Unsupervised Feature Selection for Sparse Data
14h50 459. CAPEX model for PON technology using single and cascaded splitter schemes 289. Multimedia Content Aggregator applied to an IPTV Content-Zapping Service 86. Towards the Initial Conceptual Database Model through the UML Metamodel Transformations 403. Recursive 2D Filters Designed in Polar Coordinates
15h10 IIA-I. PT Inovação vision for evolving Access and Transport Networks 421. Semi-reliable Transport for IPTV over Mobile WiMAX 291. Applying source code analysis techniques. A case study for a large mission-critical software system 264. Analysis of Error Correcting Codes for the Secure Storage of Biometric Templates
16h20-18h00 We-D1 - Next Generation Networks II
(Anf. GA)

(Chair: Prof. Susana Sargento)

We-D2 - Multimedia Technologies and
Applications II
(Room 01.1)

(Chair: Dr. Paulo Monteiro)

We-D3 - Materials and Electronic Devices
(Room 02.2)

(Chair: Dr. Luis Alcácer)

We-D4 - System Identification and Control
(Room 02.1)

(Chair: Prof. Jorge Oliveira)

16h20 540. Design and Construction of a Wireless Sensor and Actuator Network Gateway based on 6LoWPAN 294. Talking Avatar for Web-based Interfaces 102. A Novel Approach In Recognizing Magnetic Material With Simplified Algorithm  90. Filtering approaches for online identification of GMS friction model
16h40 186. Multi-Band OFDM Networking Concepts 329. Efficient Big Brother Networks 267. Organic photovoltaic cells with structured interfaces 168. Prognosis of gear health using Gaussian process model
17h00 226. Performance of a Heterogeneous Network with UMTS, Wi-Fi and WiMAX 356. Efficient Scalable Coding of Video Summaries using Dynamic GOP Structures 305. Biocellulose Based Materials for Organic Field Effect Transistors 443. Digital LQR Control with Kalman Estimator for DC-DC Buck Converter
17h20 331. Cluster Cooperation for Energy Saving in Wireless Personal Networks 494. Browsing Videos by Automatically Detected Audio Events 319. Electrical Properties of a Single Molecule 453. Mixed Virtual Reference Feedback Tuning − Iterative Feedback Tuning Approach to the Position Control of a Laboratory Servo System – Moved to Poster Session Th-AM
17h40 184. Optimal Routing in Multiple Carrier VoIP Networks 546. 3D Holoscopic Video Coding using MVC 508. INDUSTRIAL ELECTROSTATICS PERFORATION IMPROVEMENT BY POWER CONTROLED DISCHARGES 171. Disturbance Compensation in Digital Sliding Mode
18h30 Departure for Reception
14.50 16.50 We-PM - Poster Session We-PM - Poster Session We-PM - Poster Session We-PM - Poster Session We-PM - Poster Session
436. Improving Domotic Services Combining a Dialog System and a Resident Tracking System 99. Integration of SIP protocol in Android Media Framework 154. Value Distilled: A framework based approach to establish the trace of Technology Value in the context of Engineering Management 561. A spatiotemporal model of events within a BDI 241. A New Method in Medical Image Registration Based on Mutual Information and Landmark
450. Architecture and Traffic Modelling of a Utility Metering Wireless Sensor Network 122. Open Access to Charging Functions in Multimedia Networks 233. Value Creation in Portugal 162. Aggregation of Non-Holonomic Wheeled Mobile Robots in an Attractant/Repellent Environmental Profile 139. AN ENHANCED ITERATIVE BLIND DECONVOLUTION ALGORITHM
487. Indoor/Outdoor Management System Compliant with Google Maps and Android® OS 123. Third Party Control On Instant Messaging 276. A Secure Negotiable On-demand Services Model for Cloud Environment 423. The HTP Tool: Monitoring, Detecting and Predicting Hypotensive Episodes in Critical Care 375. An improved edge profile based method for text detection in images of natural scenes
386. Relieving Routing Loops through TTL Relaxation 152. Automatic Convertion of Scientific Data in a Canonical Format   95. Disaster Recovery Planning & Methodology for Process Automation Systems 385. Biometric Identification through Palm and Dorsal Hand Vein Patterns
432. Context-Based Connectivity in Wireless Mesh Networks: Analytical vs Simulation Studies 173. The Possibility of Application the Optical Wavelength Division Multiplexing Network for Streaming Multimedia Distribution 424. A Survey on Data Security in Data Warehousing: Issues, Challenges and Opportunities 390. A Real Time Global Motion Compensation For Multi-Exposure Imaging Algorithms
442. A Platform for Operator-Driven Network Virtualization 180. Design and Implementation of Mouth-Controlled Mouse System 515. Risk Management, Open-Source Approach 533. Refractive Index Characterization of Waveguide Channels Using Spectroscopic Ellipsometry
474. FTP@VDTN - A File Transfer Application for Vehicular Delay-Tolerant Networks 414. Best practices in iPhone programming  501. Fuzzy Logic Controller Support to Passengers’ Comfort for Electric Train Coach Heating System
539. The Application of JADE and OSGi Technologies in the Telecommunications Services Architecture 455. Basic management strategies on KASKADA platform 480. Model based implementation of supervisors and diagnosers in VHDL code of programmable systems
469. Business Evaluation for FUTON-like Architectures 548. Assessing the integration of ontology tools in Content Network architectures  

 April 28

08h30-10h10 Th-A1 - Wireless
Communications I
(Anf. GA)

(Chair: Prof. Fernando Velez)

Th-A2 – Antennas
(Room 01.1)

(Chair: Prof. Custódio Peixeiro)

Th-A3 - Optical
Communications I
(Room 02.2)

(Chair: Prof. Rogério Nogueira)

Th-A4 - Modeling Simulation
(Room 02.1)

(Chair: Prof. José Carlos Pedro)

08h30 203. Detection of Colliding Users in OFDM based Random Access Networks 495. Increasing the convergence rate of distributed beamforming 415. Raman Amplifier Undepleted Pump Model Customization to Include Pump-to-Pump Interactions  256. Bandwidth modeling and optimization of PIN photodiodes
08h50 214. Rotation Matrices for OFDM Transmission 150. Microstrip antenna for vehicular communications with improved axial ratio band 491. Optimizing the Nonlinear Operator in Backward Propagation 103. Design of Low Cost PC-based Simulators for Education and Training Purpose Using DDS
09h10 481. Distributed beamforming in OFDM-based systems over frequency-selective channels 182. Comapct Printed Monopole Anntenna Array for Dual-band WLAN Application 238. Optical Hard Limiter Impact on the Performance Analysis of an Optical OV-CDMA System 251. Advanced Time-Domain Techniques for Strongly Nonlinear RF Circuit Simulation
09h30 521. Perfect DFT Sequences Transformed Into Orthogonal Sequences 378. Tapered Waveguide Feed for Integrated Dielectric Lens Antenna Performance Evaluation 420. Dual Band Signal Generation for Millimeter-wave RoF Systems with Subcarrier Multiplexing 372. A Geometric Approach of a Battery Mathematical Model for On-Line Energy Monitoring
09h50 295. Correlation of Spreading Sequences Combined with Nonlinear OQPSK Signals 464. Modelling and Measurements of the Directional Spectra of Scatter Signals Inside a Formation of Tree Trunks 576. Photonic Instantaneous RF Frequency Measurement System based on Complementary Modulation 374. A Geometrical Point of View Over a Battery Mathematical Model
11h00-12h40 Th-B1 - Wireless
Communications II
(Anf. GA)

(Chair: Dr. Carlos Salema)

Th-B2 - Radio Propagation I
(Room 01.1)

(Chair: Prof. Rafael Caldeirinha)

Th-B3 - Optical
Communications II
(Room 02.2)

(Chair: Prof. Henrique Silva)

Th-B4 - Analog Integrated
Circuits I
(Room 02.1)

(Chair: Prof. João Vaz)

11h00 231. BER Performance of MIMO OFDM-CDMA System in Ricean Fading Channel 178. Desigin and Analysis of Frequency-Selective Surfaces for Ultrawideband Applications 307. Controlling the properties of Fiber Bragg Gratings based on the Acousto-Optic modulation  499. Application of Pulse-Width Modulated Pre-Emphasis in Closely-Spaced Transmission Lines with Additional Discontinuities
11h20 320. The Second-order Statistics of One Ring MIMO Model and its Applications 250. Measurement of the Specific Absorption Rate Using a Single Electric Field Sensor 290. Impact of Collocated Regeneration and Differential Delay Compensation in Optical Transport Networks 530. A 130 nm CMOS LNA for 30 GHz Applications
11h40 321. Application of LDPC Codes on the MIMO Channel Model Based on the Geometrical One-ring Scattering Model 454. Frequency Dispersion in Indefinite Media Waveguides 493. Simplified Technique for the Design of Multichannel Dispersion Compensation FBG 567. A Linearity-Improved Ultra-Wideband Balun-LNA for Cognitive Radio
12h00 422. Maximizing Performance using MIMO Techniques for 4th Generation Mobile Communication Systems  461. Development and Performance Analysis of a Real Time High-Resolution Channel Sounder – IF Stage 511. Design, Development and Performance Analysis of DSSS-based Transceiver for VLC 380. A Voltage-Controlled Amplifier Based on Gm Cells for Multistandard OFDM Integrated Receivers
12h20 514. Performance Evaluation of Conventional and MMSE Multiuser Detection Algorithms with Different Spreading Signature Codes 528. Analysis of dielectric optical ring slab waveguides with interband absorption IIA-II. Optical networks of the future: design and planning challenges 304. A Novel High-Data-Rate Low-Complexity BPSK Demodulator for Telemetry Systems
13h50-15h30 Th-C1 - Wireless
Communications III
(Anf. GA)

(Chair: Prof. Maria João Rosáro)

Th-C2 - Radio Propagation II
(Room 01.1)

(Chair: Prof. António Topa)

Th-C3 - Instrumentation and Measurement
(Room 02.2)

(Chair: Prof. Carl Debono)

Th-C4 - Analog Integrated
Circuits II
(Room 02.1)

(Chair: Dr. Manuel Medeiros Silva)

13h50 342. Design of a Battery-free Wireless Sensor Node 79. Simulation of Envelope-Phase Arbitrarily Distributed Fading Channels: a Versatile Method Based on the Metropolis Algorithm 572. A novel uniform eddy current probe with GMR for Non Destructive Testing Applications 456. Comaparision of Two Different Architectures of Multichannel Readout ASICs for Neurobiological Experiments
14h10 475. Decision Making Based on Localized Auctions in Wireless Sensor Networks 563. Analysis of the dRET input parameters under varying wind conditions at 20 GHz 314. Computer as a tool for controlling measurement of water content in building materials 239. Synthetic Inductor Based Resonators Using DVCCTA
14h30 365. Facilities of Digital Modulation Techniques and Conversion Schemes in Underground Multiuser Systems  570. Experimental characterisation of WiMAX propagation in different environments 466. Textile moisture sensor matrix for monitoring of disabled and bed-rest patients 228. Improved Accuracy Thermal Nanostructure 
14h50 503. A Front-End to Vehicular Communications 159. Avegare Fade Duration for Dual Selection Diversity over Correlated Rician Fading Channels in the Presence of Cochannel Interferences  571. Portable Eddy Current NDT Instrument Using Two Different Implementations 244. Design Procedure for Settling Time Minimization in Three-Stage RNMC Amplifiers
15h10 354. Performance Evaluation of Energy Efficient Routing Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks 161. Conical Refraction in Generalized Biaxial Media - A Geometric Algebra Approach 446. A new Monitoring and Data logger System for Industrial Cooling Equipment Applications 370. Implementation of a programmable neuron in 0.35µm CMOS process for muli-layer ANN applications
16h20-18h00 Th-D1 - Wireless
Communications IV
(Anf. GA)

(Chair: Prof. Fernando Pereira)

Th-D2 - Microwave Filters and Quantum Effects in Information and Transmission
(Room 01.1)

(Chair: Prof. Carlos Fernandes)

Th-D3 - Embedded and
Real Time Systems
(Room 02.2)

(Chair: Dr. Ali El-Mousa)

Th-D4 - Digital Integrated
(Room 02.1)

(Chair: Prof. Carlos Lopez-Barrio)

16h20 292. Realistic Mobility Modeling of Pedestrian Traffic in Wireless Networks 279. Critical Issues in Polarization Encoded Quantum Key Distribution Systems 315. Adaptability and Survivability in Spaceborne Time- and Space-Partitioned Systems 164. Dual Time Delay Digital Tanlock Loop with Improved Performance
16h40 299. ZigBee/GPS Tracking System for Rowing Races 426. Polarization-Entangled Photon Pairs Using Spontaneous Four-Wave Mixing in a Fiber Loop 347. An Approach to Generating C Code with Proven LTL-based Properties 431. Conversion of Two- to Four-Phase Delay-Insensitive Asynchronous Circuits
17h00 388. Experimental Evaluation of IEEE 802.11e EDCA QoS Mechanism for Voice over WLAN 507. Simulation Performance of All-Optical Logic Gate XOR at 40 Gbit/s Using Quantum-Dot SOAs 534. A Design of a General Purpose User Interface for Real-Time Embeded Systems 273. A Comparative Study of Nanowire Crossbar and MOSFET Logic Implementations – Moved to Poster Session Th-PM
17h20 506. QoS Control and Analysis for LTE Networks 263. Metamaterial Millimeter Wave Devices on Silicon Substrate: Band-Pass Filter and Directional Coupler 248. FPGA Implementation of Multiple Hardware Watchdog Timers for Enhancing Real-Time Systems Security 369. Performance Improvement of Differential Static CMOS Logic Family
17h40 523. General Interference Analysis of M-QAM Transmission Applied to LTE Performance Evaluation 448. New Microstrip Bandpass Filter Configuration with Improved Attenuation of One Adjacent Channel IA-III. Using 802.15.4 for safety-critical wireless communications 364. A New Low-Power, Low-area, Parallel Prefix Sklansky Adder with Reduced Inter-Stage Connections Complexity
9h30 11h30 Th-AM - Poster Session Th-AM - Poster Session Th-AM - Poster Session
179. Generalized Secure Hash Algorithm: SHA-X 163. Quantifying the Influence of Crosstalk-Crosstalk Beat Noise in Optical DPSK Systems 348. A RC model for multiwalled carbon nanotubes as interconnects
266. Privacy and usability in SMS-based G2B/B2G m-Government 280. All-Optical Flip Flop Using Two Gain-Clamped RSOAs 473. VHDL Structural Model Visualization
458. Design of Filters For Reliable and Secure Communications: Conditional Mean Estimation at the Eavesdropper 308. Adaptive gain equalization on optical amplifiers based on the Acousto-Optic effect using a single Long Period Grating 107. A novel condition for Hamiltonicity; Constructing Hamilton circuits
465. A Cryptanalytic Attack on a Class of Cryptographic Sequence Generators 392. GUI model for simulation of steady state Erbium dopped fiber amplifiers 158. Contributions on Sensitivity Analysis for the Analog Two-Port Networks in Non-sinusoidal Regime
111. WiMAX Wireless Broadband as Viable Alternative for European Operators?  400. Transmission Performance of 60 GHz Signals Generated by OSSB Upconversion 453. Mixed Virtual Reference Feedback Tuning − Iterative Feedback Tuning Approach to the Position Control of a Laboratory Servo System - Moved from Oral Session We-D4
213. Robust Channel Estimation for Broadband Satellite Communications  439. Performance Analysis of Ethernet Passive Optical Networks with High Load through a Hybrid Analytical/Simulated Model
504. A Streaming Application for Vertical Handover Testing in Wireless Hybrid Access Networks 463. Simulation of Digital Optical Receiver of Intensity Modulation and Direct Detection
551. Experience-based Radio Access Technology Selection in Wireless Environment 471. Optical Signal to Noise Ratio Monitoring with Hi-Bi Fiber Bragg Grating
  535. Reflected Light from the Fiber Fuse Propagation
  536. Dispersion engineered high index contrast silica microfibers
  524. SBS Induced Four-Wave Mixing in Ultra Dense WDM Systems
14h50 16h50 Th-PM - Poster Session Th-PM - Poster Session Th-PM - Poster Session
120. Photonic Band-Gap Surface with Electronically Reconfigurable Geometry 221. Fully Differential Baseband Pulse Generator for IEEE 802.15.4a standard 284. Automatic Meters Reading for Water Distribution Network in Talsi City
283. Parametric Study of the Loss Characteristics of PZT-Based MMIC Transmission Lines 240. Third Order Lowpass Butterworth Characteristic Realization Using DBTA 427. Application of Compensation Techniques in a dsPIC based Impedance Measuring System
377. Optimum Design of Microwave Oscillator using Hopfield Neural Network 317. Settling time Optimization in Three-stage Amplifiers with Reversed Nested Miller Compensation 489. A 5GHz LNA for a Radio Astronomy experiment
397. Cable Parameters Identification for DSL Systems 419. A New Optimization Method for Yield Enhancement of the Electronic Circuits Based on Tolerance Design 100. A Technique for Automatically Reprogramming an Embedded Linux System
476. Wideband Microstrip Patch Antenna Exploiting a New Ceramic Fractal Structure 497. High performance clock generation and distribution for a LTE transceiver synchronization 513. The Identification System for Monitoring of Teaching Activities
575. 3x3 Multibeam Network for a Triangular Array of Three Radiating Elements 509. Contactless Battery Charger for Composite Humidity and Temperature 553. High Availability in Controller Area Networks
441. Statistical Characterization of a Single-Photon Source Based on Stimulated FWM in Optical Fibers 542. A 1.8V/5.2GHz WLAN CMOS RFIC Receiver 522. Ethernet Communication Platform for synthesized devices in Xilinx FPGA
273. A Comparative Study of Nanowire Crossbar and MOSFET Logic Implementations Moved from Oral Session Th-D4
18h30 Bus Departure for the Gala Dinner

 April 29

08h30-10h10 Fr-A1 - Power Generation
(Anf. GA)

(Chair: T.B.D.)

Fr-A2 - Induction Motor Drives
(Room 01.1)

(Chair: Prof. Mario Ventim Neves)

Fr-A3 - Power Quality Applications
(Room 02.2)

(Chair: Prof. Gil Marques)

Fr-A4 - Converters for Renewable Energy Applications
(Room 02.1)

(Chair: Prof. Beatriz Borges)

08h30 131. Transient Stability and Voltage Regulation Improvement of Multimachine Power System 125. An Adaptive Sliding Mode Position Control for Induction Motor Drives 77. Phase-Locked Loop Topology Based on a Synchronous Reference Frame and Sliding Mode Approach for DVR Applications 205. A New Modulation Technique for Reduced Harmonic Distortion of Current in PV Inverters
08h50 141. Modelling and Control of SCIG applied to Variable Speed Wind-Energy Systems Connected to the Grid 313. MRAS sensorless based control of IM combining sliding-mode, SVPWM, and Luenberger observer 80. Dynamic Voltage Restorer Using a Multilevel Converter with a Novel Cell Structure 98. Computer Simulations of a Converter Control Malfunction on PMSG-Based Wind Turbines
09h10 210. Long-term Dynamic Modeling of Renewable Energy Sources 566. Application of Radial Basis Neural Networks for the Rotor Fault Detection of the Induction Motor 224. Fault-Tolerant Design for a Three-Level Neutral Point Clamped Multilevel Inverter Topology 298. Synchronization of a single-phase photovoltaic generator with the grid
09h30 323. A reduced model of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generators forWind Energy Conversion Systems 577. Performance Analysis of the Sensorless Induction Motor Drive System under Faulted Conditions 543. Combining Mechanical Commutators and Semiconductors in Fast Changing Redundant Inverter Topologies 336. Dual Input Hybrid DC-DC Converters
09h50 402. Cascade Disruption of Generation – Using Adversity for Learning & Improvement 579. Performance of a High-Power Induction Motor Supplied by Two In-Phase Voltage-Source Inverters 97. Automatic control system of a three-phase shunt a tive power filter using the method of  "equivalent sinusoid" 335. Low Speed PM Generator for Direct-Drive Wind Applications
11h00-12h40 Fr-B1 - Energy Transmission
and Distribution I
(Anf. GA)

(Chair: Prof. João Catalão)

 Fr-B2 - Electromagnetic
Drives I
(Room 01.1)

(Chair: Dr. Pedro Santos)

Fr-B3 - E-Learning I (Room 02.2)

(Chair: Prof. Manuel Castro)

 Fr-B4 - Innovative Courses and Laboratories I
(Room 02.1)

(Chair: Prof. Manuel Caeiro)

11h00 245. New EEM/BEM Hybrid Method for Electric Field Calculation in Cable Terminations 541. Vibration Analisys of a Linear Switched Reluctance Actuator 132. Biometric Verification System in Moodle & the Analysis in Lab Exams 106. Reducing the entrance hurdle in Embedded System Engineering courses
11h20 286. Experimental Results of ELF Electric and Magnetic Fields of Electric Power System in Bosnia and Herzegovina 554. Modeling the Electric Chain of an Electric Boat 133. How to make attractive the teaching of relativistic electrodynamics? 525. Logic Emulators in Digital Systems Education
11h40 296. Skin Effect and Proximity Effect in a Real, High Voltage, Double Three-phase System 510. Robust Model Predictive Speed Control of the Drive System with an Elastic Joint 373. Implementing Content Packaging Standards 96. Remote Access Laboratory for Analog and Digital Electronic Course 
12h00 215. On-Line Insulation Assessment of HV Cables Employing Novel PD Features and AdaBoost 368. Deep Bar Effects Produced by PWM Power Supplies in Induction Machines: Application to Rotor Parameters Determination 559. Online Technology CAD Laboratory for Microelectronics Education 346. MATLAB Simulation Applied to Study the Mechanism of Load Balancing by Unbalanced Capacitive Shunt Compensation in a Three-Phase Three-Wire Network
12h20 230. Fault Location in Three-Terminal Power Transmission Lines by TT-Transform Based Features 371. Sensor-Based Fixed-Point DSP Control of a 8/6 Switched Reluctance Motor 520. 3D Modeling Educational Environment 297. Formative assessment of laboratory work
13h50-15h30 Fr-C1 - Energy Transmission and Distribution II
(Anf. GA)

(Chair: Prof. Teresa Correia de Barros)

Fr-C2 - Electromagnetic
Drives II
(Room 01.1)

(Chair: Prof. Duarte Sousa)

Fr-C3 - E-Learning II
(Room 02.2)

(Chair: Prof. Manuel Oliveira Duarte)

Fr-C4 - Innovative Courses
and Laboratories II
(Room 02.1)

(Chair: T.B.D.)

13h50 204. Voltage regulation in low-voltage rural feeders with distributed PV systems  156. DC Motor Drive with high Torque at low Speed 191. Assembler Through The Looking Glass: Understanding Digital Systems 169. Catch the Mark: teaching data hiding by gaming
14h10 349. Procedure for Determining the Response of the System Load to Voltage Sags. Part 2: The Analyzing Metodology 149. Analisys of the DFIG During Voltage Dips 212. Network Infrastructure for Academic IC CAD Environments 252. An improved way for evaluating competences. A different approach to project management learning.
14h30 353. Deregulated Environment Transmission Expansion Planning 518. Application of an adaptive fuzzy sliding-mode controller based on the 2 type fuzzy sets for the two-mass sytem 382. Integrating Games from an External Provider in the PoEML E-learning Platform 306. An Innovative Laboratory Course of Organic Electronics
14h50 358. Comparison of Power System Tracing Cost Allocation Methods 413. STUDY ABOVE AN ADAPTIVE CONTROL STRUCTURE WITH APLICATION AT THE DOUBLE-FED INDUCTION GENERATOR'S EXCITATION 502. Watching a Processor at Work- A self-explanatory simulator and illustrator for the MC8 microprocessor 381. Experimentation with Optimization Problems in Algorithm Courses
15h10 359. Probabilistic and Deterministic Load Flows Methods in Power Systems Reliability Estimation 197. Real-time Efficiency Optimisation of Open-Loop Controlled Synchronous PM Motor Drive Using Adaptive Neural Networks 485. The New Digital Media in Educating Computer Engineering Students for in-Company Communication 532. Structured analysis of alternative evaluation approaches of lab sessions in engineering education
16h30-18h00 Fr-D1 - Closing Session
(Anf. GA)
Pannel Discussion
Teresa Correia de Barros, IST
Renewable Energies and Smart Grid
Invited speakers:
António Vidigal, CEO EDP Inovação
Alberto Barbosa, CEO EFACEC
Fernanda Resende, Senior Researcher INESC Porto
Presentation of EuroCon-2011 Next Venue
General Chair: Mislav Grgic, University of Zagreb, Croacia
Closing Remarks
General Chair: João Costa Freire
9h30- 11h30 Fr-AM - Poster Session Fr-AM - Poster Session Fr-AM - Poster Session  
472. Analysis of a Monolithic Buck Converter’s pMOS Switch During Turn Off 151. A Nonlinear Observer for Synchronous Generator Damper Currents 176. Applied Electronics Curriculum for Computer Science Students
104. A model-based approach for a dimming high efficiency control/power LED driver 183. High Level Controller in the Electro-Mechanical Drive Train 249. Educational Thesaurus on Power Electronics
259. Discontinuous Space Vector Modulation Technique for Motor Supply 326. Experimental Model of a Hydrogenerator with Static Excitation 433. The Intuitive Approach to Engineering Design of a Multi-Cultural Group of Engineering Students  
170. Direct Lightning Surge Analysis in Wind Turbines using Electromagnetic Transients Computer Program 564. Characterization of the Fringing Window of a Magnetic Core 444. An Interdisciplinary Masters Program in Microwave Communication Focused on Innovation (Attracting and developing students’ talent in challenging times)
569. 220 kV and 400 kV Power Plant Electromagnetic Pollution Analysis 581. On the Computation of Rotor Losses through a Set of Harmonic Finite Element Analyses in Fractional-Slot Concentrated-Coil Permanent-Magnet Machines 268. The Possibilities of Implementation of M-Education in the Republic of Serbia
172. Using high-power electromagnetic energy for careful sorbent regeneration   310. A motivational teaching-learning process based on the student’s interest: high level of education  
325. Calculation of Magnetic Field Intensity      
505. Calculation of inductance of conductors for overhead power lines
337. Compact Fluorescent Lamps Electromagnetic Compatibility Measurements and Performance Evaluation

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 -3831 Days -21h -51m


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