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Jozeff Modelski, Poland
IEEE Region 8 2009-10 Director
Rui Cruz, Portugal
IEEE Portugal Section Chairman
Carlos Salema, Portugal
Founder of Instituto de Telecomunicações and Conftele

João Costa Freire, Portugal
Instituto Superior Técnico

José Carlos Pedro, Portugal
Aveiro University

IEEE Region 8
Marian P. Kazmierkowski, Poland

Beatriz Borges, Portugal
Instituto Superior Técnico

Custódio Peixeiro, Portugal
Instituto Superior Técnico

Pedro Santos, Portugal
Instituto de Telecomunicações

Pedro Silva, Portugal
Instituto de Telecomunicações


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Who had never in Lisbon been / Had never a nicer R8 spot seen


On behalf of the International Steering Committee and Local Organizing Committee, we would like to warmly inviting all colleagues to participate at the EUROCON 2011 Lisbon, Portugal. The Conference will be held in the Congress Centre of the Instituto Superior Técnico, Technical University of Lisbon, jointly with 8Th Conftele, organized every other year by Instituto de Telecomunicações since 1997, and will focus on Computer as a Tool.

It was from Lisbon that in the XV century the Portuguese start the discoveries era to meet and exchange cultures and technology with other nations from all corners of the world namely Africa western and eastern coast , Asia from Gulf Area till Japan and South America. Accordingly, it is a nice spot to organize a meeting of Region 8 experts in electro technology to share our experiences and know-how.

Besides usual Technical/Scientific papers also papers from industry applications are welcomed.

The Region 8 Student Paper Contest organized by the IEEE Region 8 Committee will be also part of the program.

A special social program is being prepared, where the traditional Portuguese cuisine, with influences from East and West, and the traditional and classic music will not be forgotten.

Lisbon, on the Tagus river mouth, has a natural harbour that has been visited since the Greeks and Phoenicians and was part of the Roman Empire for many centuries. After the Barbarians arrival and the fall of the Roman Empire the southern part of the country was under the leadership of the Northern Africa Moors (VII century). During the so called Christian conquest of the Iberia Peninsula (start XII century) was founded Portugal by King Afonso Henriques (XII cent.) son of a Galician Princess and a French noble knight. Monuments from Pre-history, Iron Age, Roman Empire, Moorish period, Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque, Mannerist, Neoclassic and Modernity can be found in Lisbon and its suburbs. The most impressive are from the late gothic (Manuelino Style) form the golden age of the discoveries and the Baroque from the period of the development of Brazil as a very rich colony.

All these background and surroundings will help to make Eurocon 2011 a memorable meeting of highly skilled Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

Like we are already started to organize your welcome to give you a memorable Scientific, Technical and Social visit to the most western continental Europe capital, you must start your preparations to visit us.

Looking forward to welcome you

   João Costa Freire

   Eurocon 2011 General Chair

Time to Conference

 -3831 Days -21h -37m


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Instituto de Telecomunicações Instituto Superior Técnico


IEEE Region 8 Region 8    IEEE Portugal Section
IT - Aveiro 2009